Neighbors - Showrunner, Written by, Composer

A Southeast Student Emmy nominated Single-Cam Musical TV Show

Care Center 51-

Written and Created by

A snippet of a Single-Cam TV Comedy Pilot script about decaying human morals and the training of rescued aliens into such a world.

Paper Boy -

Written by

A snippet of Feature Film Script about a newly appointed Paper Boy juggling his only two clients - the town's most eccentric billionaires - as their sinister schemes unravel.

Bearly -

Written by, Composer, Orchestrator

An Animated Musical Short fully funded by the Savannah College of Art and Design

In Cold Coffee -Written by

A Mini-Series Pilot script about narcissists at brunch who kill on a whim, from the slightest inconvenience.  

Unspoken -


A single-scene play about a father's difficultly to love his son who is heavily on the spectrum and unable to speak.

A Tight Yellow Room -


A snippet of a Play about a jazz band of New Orleans Creoles and Blacks dealing with racial injustice in 1919 Chicago and among their own to communities.

Pink Boi -

Written and Created by

A snippet of an animated TV Pilot set in a fully humanistic cat world about one pink cats decision to end his last life with a lavish suicide.

And this guy wrote 'em all! Plus more that he has to keep away from your grubby little eyes. Hmm... might want to learn more about this mysterious fellow.